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Network Cable Installation

Our company offers professional network cable installation services to businesses and individuals. We understand how important it is for our clients to have a reliable network infrastructure, and we strive to deliver quality services that meet their specific needs.

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Arizona’s Structure Cable Installation Specialists

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Businesses big and small all have different needs, and our team of experts can help you no matter what the obstacle. Our experience with network cable installation allows us to feed wiring through even the tightest of spaces and still achieve great connectivity from modem to modem, router to router. Not only will we install network cables, but our awesome technicians will educate you on which network cable will best support your business and are available for technical support throughout the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

If you’re not sure what your business needs or your other IT guy just doesn’t know what to do, our network cabling technicians can assess your needs with our free on-site quote to determine how complex of a system you need. Get a quote today!

Network Cable Installation

Parkside Cabling LLC is a subsidiary of ParksideTech IT Solutions, a Phoenix Valley professional when it comes to licensed low-voltage cabling contractors in Arizona. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable, skilled and experts in the design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing, and repair of security and audio cables.

Our certified Phoenix-based technicians are experienced in installing and providing technical support for your local Arizona-based small business. Whether you are upgrading WiFi, building, or relocating, your network cabling needs are covered. Our team of IT consultants specializes in ethernet cabling for Cat5e and Cat6. As network cabling specialists we deliver quality network cabling solutions to companies throughout the valley.

We provide the following network cable installation services

  • Structured Cabling Design and Installation
  • Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A
  • Fiber Cable Installation
  • Coax Cable
  • Network and Fiber Cable Cleanup
  • Communications Room Network Rack Cable Cleanup
  • Wireless Access Point Installation
  • IP Camera Installation
  • Audio/Visual Cabling
  • Security Access System
  • Patch Panel Installation
  • POE Installation and Configuration
  • Network Switch Installation and Configuration
  • Modem Installation and Configuration
  • Router Installation and Configuration
  • Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Full Network Server Rack Cabling

Managed IT support from our team comes at a fixed monthly cost and we encourage proactive IT management.


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We Take A Proactive Approach To Monitoring Your Systems And Respond Immediately To Any Needs You Have.

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