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Addressing the top human risks in cybersecurity

At ParksideTech, we understand that the most significant threats to your business’s cybersecurity often involve targeting its most valuable asset: its people. To combat this, we’ve partnered with ProofPoint, the leader in Business Email Security, to bring you cutting-edge solutions that focus on the human element of cybersecurity.


Why Choose ProofPoint through ParksideTech?

1. Comprehensive Protection: ProofPoint’s solutions are designed to tackle the four major human risks in cybersecurity: threat exposure, impersonation scams, data loss, and identity theft.

2. Tailored Security: Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our solutions can be customized to fit your specific needs and security challenges.

3. Cost-Effective: Starting at just $3.03 per user per month, get premium security without breaking the bank.

4. Expert Deployment and Support: When you choose ProofPoint through ParksideTech, you not only get superior products but also our expert deployment and ongoing support.

Our ProofPoint Product Offerings

ProofPoint Email Protection:

Threat Protection: Stops malware, phishing, and other threats before they reach your inbox.

Impersonation Defense: Shields your employees from emails attempting to impersonate your executives and other key personnel.

Information Protection: Prevents data loss through email with robust encryption and incident response tools.

ProofPoint Advanced Threat Protection:

Targeted Attack Protection: Uses innovative techniques to identify and block advanced attacks including ransomware.

Email Fraud Defense: Protects against email fraud attempts that might otherwise bypass traditional security tools.

ProofPoint Compliance Solutions:

Email Archiving: Simplifies compliance with policy-based retention and advanced eDiscovery capabilities.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Controls and monitors sensitive data to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

ProofPoint Security Awareness Training:

Employee Education: Educates and tests your employees on security best practices with engaging training modules and simulated attacks.

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Ready to secure your organization against the most pressing cyber threats? Contact us to discuss your needs or to schedule a free demo of ProofPoint products. Our team at ParksideTech is ready to help you tailor the right security solution for your business.

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Take the first step towards enhancing your email security by partnering with ParksideTech and ProofPoint—where your business’s safety is our top priority.

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