As a small to medium size business owner, there are endless responsibilities when it comes to running your business. But as a business owner, you must be savvy and determined but – overall – you have to be an expert-level problem solver. Along with those responsibilities, comes the need to handle the various to-do’s and deal with problems as they arise. The definition of the word problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. We are familiar with that word and its meaning, but what we are also familiar with is the word solve. The definition of solve is to find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery). At Parkside tech, that’s what we do for outsourced/managed IT needs for businesses in Phoenix and beyond. We solve your problems (and relieve you of some of your many responsibilities). IT management is a major function of being a successful business, and in today’s unique times, IT support is far more important than ever before.

We will be doing a series of How We Can Help (IT support is just the tip of the Parkside Tech “iceberg”) and first in our series of How We Can Help is – Should I Outsource My Business IT Needs?

When we meet with business owners throughout the Phoenix area, we get the same questions about working with an IT company like Parkside Tech. One of which is – why should we outsource IT? Which is usually followed up by “can we afford an actual IT company like Parkside Tech?” We want to give you answers and provide insight into options when it comes to managing your business’s IT needs. Our goal is to make your day-to-day easier.

With that said, let’s jump in and discuss the Pro’s of Outsourcing IT Support.

Pro’s of Outsourcing IT for Phoenix Businesses


The first benefit of using Parkside for managed IT is that your business has access to knowledgeable skilled resources instantly. Depending on your business size, you may have an employee who is currently managing your IT needs. However, no one can be an expert in all IT areas at once, especially based on how fast paced the information technology world is. Our team has experience assessing and resolving similar challenges frequently which allows us to resolve the issue quickly. An in-house IT will often need to research issues and go through trial-and-error delaying resolution. Our team of support techs are certified and continue education so that we can assess and resolve all issues as quickly as possible so that you can go back to running your business.

Save on Costs

This could be the first “pro” without a doubt; but to us, IT outsourcing is about the ability to solve problems and making your business more efficient, and the saved costs are simply an added benefit. Parkside Tech offers different packages that fit your business’s IT needs, whether you need us once or twice a month or need our team more frequently – we provide expert services at a margin of the cost of having on-site IT support staff. Check out our packages and pricing.

Solves Capacity Issues & Focus on Your Business

Using Parkside Tech for managed IT, you can put your business resources on managing other responsibilities within your business. An important part of being a successful business owner is the need to continue building your business and outsourcing IT work allows you to focus your management resources on production, or other previously maxed out areas. Our team is available when you need us but otherwise, the resources that were previously dedicated to IT can now be focused elsewhere.

The collective power of your team is key for small and medium business and with Parkside Tech taking some of the workload off your staff, your team can focus on their areas of expertise. This alone will help your business strengthen and improve significant business initiatives as well as to execute your development strategy.


If you’re a smaller business or a business that hasn’t been proactive with IT support, you may be vulnerable in significant ways. If you are collecting customer data but don’t have protocols in place to protect that data, you could be risking more than you realize. Not only do we provide IT support for your business needs, we can also make sure your business is protected and prepared for growth. Is your firewall up to date? Have your systems been audited? Has your company implemented PCI security standards and work to maintain those standards? Are you prepared in the event of a disaster? Our team of managed IT professionals are familiar with PCI compliance standards, so you can feel good that your company is minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers, sensitive competitive information and more, as well as the ability to securely backup this critical data in the event of a disaster.

We have outlined some of our top “pros” (although there are more but we’ll share additional pros that are relevant to your business as we provide a free IT consultation). We want to share some hypothetical cons so we’re providing a balance perspective.

Con’s of Outsourced IT

We’re not sitting at a desk in your building…

But we offer on-call 24/7 support. We can hold inventory for you, we can manage new employee terminal setups, remote troubleshooting, and much more and most often, more quickly than an in-house IT staffer. So while we’re not sitting at your building right now, we can be if you need us with just a quick call to our team.

Outsourcing to Parkside Tech may require some organizational changes…

Bringing in a new way of doing things means releasing a bit of the control. We are going to help in so many ways, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed but we know change can be difficult for some. We understand and we will make the changeover a smooth, seamless process.

Trust and building a working partnership…

We know you are trusting us with sensitive info and stepping into a big part of your business operations and overall success. We provide references, we suggest reaching out to some of our existing clients to ask about their experience and we will meet in-person to assess your needs throughout our partnership. A partnership is what we seek to have with each of our managed IT clients, including you.

Ready to learn more about the outsource IT services that we can provide for your growing business? Let’s get started with a Free IT consultation and prepare to feel relieved of a few business-related responsibilities. Stay tuned for our next How We Can Help blog – we take pride in helping Phoenix businesses and can’t wait to share more tips soon!